A Day At The Rust n Dust Jalopy

Chapter 2: Going Old School with Em' Hotrods.

We've really taken our own sweet time in regards to going through all of the content gathered at our time at the Rust n Dust Jalopy earlier this month. To be honest, our leisure has more to do with the amount of quality content that we have accumulated, in retrospect of the time frame that we've given ourselves. Processing media from an archive of over 700 pictures can take its time. None the less, we've compiled more than a few. And this time we're going to be doing Hot rods.


Part IV

Hello, 1930s America


The term 'Hot rod' can be related to the American Automotive heritage as closely as Fries to the French or Mary Poppins to the English. It all came full circle somewhere in the 1930s when a couple of blokes city decided that they simply didn't have enough horse power.  This carnal desire of theirs then resulted in otherwise stock and humble wagons being transformed into road-ragers with large Engines; typically transformed to redline linearly.


Naturally, the spike in RPM also called for better and stronger engine components. Legend suggests that the origin ot the word 'hot' in 'hot rod' came about from the practice of replacing the factory fitted components of the vehicle with new ("hotter") components.


Coming back to the real form the mythical - The Rust 'n' Dust Jalopy of 2016 has done more than well in highlighting for us a fare share of this legendary car scene from the 30s and 40's in 2016 with these machines:

rust-n-dust-jalopy-teterow-speedway-hot-rod-pick-up Love it or Hate it, the cars in the Jalopy aren't all 'shiny' or 'polished' as you'd expect them to be. And you wouldn't be totally unreasonable in expecting so; after all these are priceless manifests that have written much of the course that Automobile Engineering has taken to reach to where we are today. And there's a good reason for that...


...the reason being, that all of these cars are not your average three dimensional photo album from the past. These cars are Race cars. And just as you'd expect when you'd put together an ensemble with speed crazy grease monkeys + Bhp pumping machines + Europe's most infamous Dirt Track. You're bound to get some road rage. Rather 'track rage.' - But, more on that later.


However, The point that I am trying oh so hard to make is to learn the art of ' Not to expect.' If shick and shiny is what you're looking for, a day at the Rust n Dust Jalopy is really not going to be your cup of tee. And neither is 'tee in a tiny glass cup' (Chai! if you've ever visited India) for that matter. You'd probably be better off with the precisely boiled stuff in a porcelain Saucer.


Because here, at the Teterow Jalopy, It's as real as it gets, just as the name suggests - 'Rust' & 'Dust.'


Both - Being inevitable elements of an automobile's time in this world. Best and most respectably summed up as 'seasoned' to say the least.


Written By: Neville Roy Pinto & Photographed By: Dhawal Ingle


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