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The Man Behind The Kala Ghoda Ambassadors

It’s not on occasion to have a weekly evening team meet turn into a rendezvous at one of the city’s premier artist’s home. However, when

Rendezvous With The IIT Bombay Racing Team’s EVo 4.0 At The DNA Auto Expo

There are an innumerable number of reasons why we’ve always been drawn to kit cars; even so on the university level. The thrill of seeing

With The IIT Bombay Racing Team: Redefining The Art Of Building Engineering Projects

Even a week after the official launch of the EVo 4.0, it still continues to be felicitated by the media & corporate to this day.  We head

A 21 Year Old Builds A Rally Car – The Motoring Equivalent Of Frankenstein Comes To Life

What does a 21 year old motoring fan want more than anything else in the world? – Yes, a formula one car. But then again,