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Project Orca

The car is given the name Orca and it’s the fifth  after a generation of cars we’ve been building. The entire motive behind the generation of these cars is to come up with the sustainable technologies in the electric vehicle sector. Our entire aim is to revolutionize electric mobility in India.

It has been a year since our last visit to the IIT campus for the EVo 4.0 - The IIT Bombay Racing Team’s  4th Formula Student Car. I have been a frequent visitor to IIT since then. Also being an attendee for the entrepreneurship summit they hosted too.  Rio and I drove up there on a Saturday to catch up with the IIT Bombay Racing Team’s Fifth Installment - the Orca. Only moments before it gots off the workshop on its way to the Formula Student UK.


Shop Talk

Interacting with Rushabh Kapasi - head of the IIT Bombay Racing Team ’16 and Nilesh Bansod - Chief of Mechanical Department


The main focus was building what was conceptualized at the start. The Vehicle sports a streamlined body, accentuated at its left -  Compact - Is the word that comes to mind.


So, commercialization in terms of racing.

All of the used technology bin the IIT Bombay Racing Team has emerged either out of Formula One racing or Formula Student racing. Likewise with the amount of research we have put in while designing a racing vehicle - side by side with competitions - we get to know more about the international standards being followed that allow us to further standardize the vehicle.

Competition has its merits. Tell us about the specifications about the vehicle .

We have strongly concentrated on the acceleration of this car, it goes from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.5 seconds. Top speed of this car has been enhanced from 111 kmph (EVo 4.0) to 154 kmph. The vehicle weighs about 248 kg, 6 kgs reduced from EVo 4.0. Capacity has been juiced up from 6.6 to 7.73

The power and the range?

The peak power of this vehicle is 80 kW, with a range of 22 kms. We designed it for the endurance event and don’t put in any extra components that would increase the weight of the car. In  fact, we have achieved further battery weight reduction to 58

Great. Go on!

The turning radius is the best seen in it than ever before. At a category of cars which have a cornering radius at 4.5m, we have built it for 3m. Radius apart, the vehicle even achieves a faster turning – a further fine-tuned ten percent improvement by its Electronic Differential. Handling Improvement was the prime priority this time.  Traction is always an advantage in a 2WD drive.

The Racing Team sets apart by its BMS Motor they develop by themselves. New and improved, over the new and improved the year last. The Impact Attrenuator and Carbon Fibre parts were also developed by the team.

How about the practice Regime?

Apart from the stringent Vehicle Testing within the sprawling campus, the racing team underwent regular GoKart practice and Fitness regime under the guidance of Athletes. As well as a fitness regime specific to race drivers.

Through these times, how has the industry supported them?

The Industrial Support has been laudible. Seeing new sponsorship and steadfast support by Alpha Nippon and Technocrat Industries as well as product Sponsorship by TE Connectivity, they have scored a Four Year ahead title sponsorship commitment by NRB Bearings. Also Sponsored by Tata Motors, SMAASH and Ceat.

Amongst the Challenges in our way we have faced in the making, is from the wide gap in the manufacturing industry when it comes to getting personalized components fulfilled

Writing this, I feel great being a part of Raychem RPG as a summer intern; which is a Joint Venture between TE Connectivity and RPG Group India, as well as belonging to Ceat Nigeria where my father is currently based in.  Delighted to be personally associated with these supportive enterprises

Speaking Exposure,

Orca’s Design was unveiled at TechFest, and was showcased at Goa in the Global Business Forum which is a Business Promotion Initiative by the IIT-B ALUMNI, visited by Four cabinet Ministers. It was also exhibited in a science expo at the Nehru Planetarium. Being one of the Two Non-UK Teams who have bagged the Financial Prize three times in a row by Institute of Mechanical Engineers UK; the heritage of the team just gets stronger as time goes by.

A 75 member team of varied engineering disciplines. Boast about the diversity.

The team consist of various departmental members. Not only mechanical and electrical. There are people from energy science, engineering physics, chemical engineering, metallurgy,civil engineering..and every formula car requires aerospace engineering

The interactive session ends as we see; the capable leadership clearly sparkles from Rushabh and Nilesh, while the Racing Team packs up at the last moment in harmony for Formula Student UK.

IIT Bombay Racing Team as we see…is evolution. Year after year, they set a benchmark in performance, design, fabricated components and industrial recognition of the vehicle…until the year next a few carry forward as leaders  for a newly assembled team that shall re-engineer on the above and level up what was considered a benchmark back then. And this goes on!

Written By: Amit Sharma & Photographed By: Rio Fernandes

Key Contributions By: The IIT Bombay Racing Team


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