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Shop Talk, Up straight with the Proprietors

How far can the love of your job take you? Possibly making you amongst the best when you stand out with an identity of your own, with an enterprise of your own? Let's answer this question now; shall we? - With Pimp my Pride, An Automobile customization shop taking After-Market to it's shiny best. 

Pimp my Pride, A Detailing Workshop set up in September ’15, it is well known for its Premium standards in its works, and the detailing extends to every component within the vehicle; making sure the permanent and core body defects are first corrected and then the other detailing and corrections are done.


“Sandesh Shetty, the proprietor and I worked for Honda. We have always had a strong interest in cars and bikes”

Speciality? One amongst the only three or four workshops in Mumbai which provides ceramic coating.

What’s Ceramic Coating? Let’s just say, wax is a scratch guard, while Ceramic is a temper guard. Gyeon Quartz is the company that manufactures the kit. This coating lasts for a year or two, depending on the class of the coating adopted. We give this as aservice, with warranty to maintain the coating.

“At this point, we are educating the customers who come for wax coating, about Ceramic coating”


“The products we use, make us the second best. 3M for the interiors, Colonite (USA), KKE, Menzerna (Germany) – the brands authorized for use on German Cars ”

“Falcons – Our 9 members strong Biking Group. We met and our customers got along too.  A fleet of four Hayabusas, Three Kawasaki Z800, a Honda Goldwing, and a Benelli 600i.We ride on weekends, breakfast along the way. We were also a part of the Valley Run 2016”

“Occasionally, groups of Ducatis and Harleys also come around for customizing and chilling out with us”

We have worked on Mercedes AMG, Mercedes Coupe, BMWs, Audis Range Rover and Mini Cooper. We are expecting a Lamborghini and a Jaguar Type F soon. Occasionally some cars arrive here to get their body finessed before shooting.

“We also assist in helping the customers purchase superbikes and supercars”

In Conversation with its offroader Varun Madawara. An engineer in the oil sector and often on the Ship. And yes, a close patron at that.


How long with the Pajero? Where have you been with it?It’s been two years. Apart from the outskirts around our city, it has been driven it to Udaipur, and Gujarat. Off-roading; well; National Park, Jungles, Safaris and the real 4x4 power has been tested on 2 feet of sea water. Specifications as follows:


  • Ceramic Coated
  • Panic Alarm, installed for emergency sake for the passengers in the vehicle
  • 240 Watts inverter. Powers up the microwave, boiler etc. Cooking meals on the move!
  • Moved the Stepney at the back
  • 70L extra fuel storage
  • Thule’s rooftop storage box. Capacity 400L. Contains Life Jackets, A Collapsible tent, A Portable toilet

What must your vehicle be?

  • Loaded with functionality. It’s 4x4 capability must be used to all its possibility. Anytime, anywhere. Super Select is also a spectacular feature to me, it helps select the power depending on the terrain.

Last, but not the least


Written By: Amit Sharma & Photographed By: Rio Fernandes

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